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Anointing of the Sick(Extreme Unction or Last Rites):

Extreme Unction is the Sacrament which, through the anointing and prayer of the priest, gives health and strength to the soul, and sometimes to the body, when we are in danger of death from sickness. We should receive Extreme Unction when we are in danger of death from sickness, or from a wound or accident. We should not wait until we are in extreme danger before we receive Extreme Unction, but if possible we should receive it whilst we have the use of our senses.

The effects of Extreme Unction are:


  1. To comfort us in the pains of sickness and to strengthen us against temptation;

  2. To remit venial sins and to cleanse our soul from the remains of sin;

  3. To restore us to health, when God sees fit.


By the remains of sin I mean the inclination to evil and the weakness of the will which are the result of our sins, and which remain after our sins have been forgiven. We should receive the Sacrament of Extreme Unction in the state of grace, and with lively faith and resignation to the will of God.



Biblical references: Mk 6:12-13; Jm 5:14

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