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Jesuit Community

The SOCIETY OF JESUS is  a Roman Catholic Religious Order whose members are called Jesuits, Soldiers of Christ and Foot Soldiers 

of the Pope because the founder. Saint Ignatius of Loyola was a knight before becoming a priest. The society is the largest male religious Order in the

Catholic Church.

Indeed, Jesuit priests and brothers are engaged in ministries in 112 nations on five continents. They are mainly engaged in strictly spiritual activities like retreats, spiritual directions and a variety of pastoral works. But they are also very well known in the fields of education(Schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes, seminaries and theological faculties) intellectual research and cultural pursuits. They are engaged too in missionary/evangelizing work in social justice and human-rights activities; inter religious dialogue and other "frontier" ministries.

The Society of Jesus is led by a Superior General, currently Father Adolfo Nicolas. The headquarters of the Society, its General Curia is in Rome. The 'Church of the Gesu' is the Jesuit Mother Church and attached to it is the historic room where Saint Ignatius worked and died.

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